About Us


Welcome to A Pinch of Pepper!

My name is Emily. I started this shop as a passion project that I hope to grow into a cozy, welcoming brick and mortar that will one day serve as a community hub.

I have worked many jobs in restaurants, coffee shops, retail, oncology, community development, spent a couple of seasons running two farmers markets, and even worked at Walt Disney World.  

This shop is the creation of all of my favorite parts of each of those jobs and all of the lessons I've learned. It has taken me a long time to figure out, but I have finally found something that I am truly excited about.

I believe some of the best parts of life are had sitting around a table and sharing a meal or a drink with others.  I found some of my own healing and discovered a lot about myself when I started really cooking and being curious. I believe in the power of ritual (such as your daily cup of tea!) to help calm and soothe what ails us and fill our sails for the direction we want to go.

As Chef Jose Andres has famously said...we need to build longer tables, instead of higher walls...

So, please, consider this your open invitation to join my table and share a recipe. I am so glad you are here.  You are marvelous. :)

Ps...be sure to follow us on Instagram (@tryapinchofpepper) for shenanigans, sneak peaks, recipes, pop-up dates and all the latest up-to-date information!


Picture of shop owner, Emily, wearing a Cubs baseball jersey and sitting in front of shop inventory